54 thoughts on “Start here! (Intro)

  1. Hi 👋🏻
    Looking forward to studying Philippians. I’ve been looking for an avenue to study my favorite book of the Bible.
    Thank you Tim,Angela, and Ben


  2. I love Philippians too! I did a study on this great book a few years ago. I am looking forward to seeing what God has to teach me through this study. Thank you for doing this study!


      1. Hey Schaefers! This video is the beginning. Keep an eye out for periodical videos from me, Ben Horseman, and Angela Beise. We will be releasing videos on a regular basis and walking through the study that way. Conversations in the comments will be a big part of it. Keep checking back, we’ll get going here soon!


  3. I’m in! I was actually talking to God this morning about needing a spiritual boost. Love that we can do this on our own time table. Thanks for coming up with this content for us.


  4. Tim and team, we appreciate your leadership and this opportunity. Your video and next steps were clear. Thank you. We look forward to the encouraging study and what lies ahead!


  5. Hey Crossing Family, we moved to Amelia Island, FL in 2014. Most of the time we tune into Crossing bc both of us work on weekends plus there are no evening services around here so….awesome to attend the Bible study. Thanks for reaching out!


    1. There’s no timeframe for this. We will periodically post new videos for you to watch, and discuss them in the comments! You can sign up for email notifications when we post new videos, which will help you stay current!


  6. Love this idea and study opportunity! And looking forward to seeing the blessings in Paul’s letter that can help with today’s struggles with Covid.

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  7. As Donna Knox mentioned in a previous post Cheryl and I are also very thankful for this online study approach to keeping us in the Word. It is very much needed. Stay safe all.


  8. Thank you for your hard work in utilizing technology to bring us all closer to Jesus. I look forward to the study and feel so fortunate to be part of this church.


  9. Starting this study is timely. I’m struggling with resisting fulfillment vs. desiring comfort in my life. Inspire me, Paul. Teach me. Thank you for the platform.


  10. I am so excited to have this resource and to do this study with you all! I recently read a book called Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin that really layouts how to read the Bible to gain better biblical literacy. I am currently re-reading that book with 3 other girlfriends and we are encouraging each other to dig deeper into the Word and truly seek who God is and the context behind each book. This couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Looking forward to dig deep and growth with everyone.

    Late to the start but catching up today. 🙂


  11. I can’t wait to dive in!! I feel so fortunate to go to a church that continues to find new and creative ways to grow Jesus followers! God be praised.


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