21 thoughts on “Contextual Overview of Philippians

  1. Thank you for the background and history Ben. It is amazing how Paul went there and made is seem so easy to speak about Jesus among those who worshipped the Emperor and these city Gods when sometimes I seem afraid to speak truth when I am out with a group of friends. I love how Paul was so determined to speak truth even from prison.

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  2. Ben – thanks for the background info. It’s helpful to understand the context surrounding Paul, the city and the recipients of his letter. I’m looking forward to diving in and hearing God’s message for us today. Blessings, Conni

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  3. Thank you Ben. I so appreciate being informed of what the world was like in that day, it makes the story relevant and easier to understand what we are learning.

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    1. I completely agree, pruder1. The historical context of Scripture is fascinating. Have you watched Angela’s video yet going over the beginning of the book? If so, leave a comment about what jumped out at you on that post, and we can keep talking about it. Glad you’re joining us!


  4. Hi Ben, great job explaining the context through your historical lens. makes it easier to understand the hows and whys of the times.


    1. Hi, Dana. Thanks for that question!

      Often with Paul’s letters, we can read between the lines and get an idea of Paul’s relationship with that particular church. It’s similar to hearing a person on the telephone and guessing the relationship dynamic from hearing one side of the conversation. When you read Paul’s opening in Galatians, he seems upset with his audience. For example, read Galatians 1:6-10 and 3:1-6 in comparison with Philippians 1:3-11. Paul’s tone is markedly different. In my reading, this difference has to do with Paul’s reason for writing both letters. On the one hand, the Judaizers convincing the Galatians that circumcision was necessary for God’s covenant people versus the Philippians sending a gift to the imprisoned Paul. Paul is angry in one case and grateful in another. Does that help to answer your question?

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  5. Thanks for the background information. I too like quotes and I loved the one you closed with. I think it is so important to remember that as followers of Christ we must know that there will be times of persecution. The suffering on earth will not compare to the glory of being in the presence of the Lord Jesus when we join Him in heaven!!

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  6. Thanks Ben! Digging into the historical background of the book and author prior to reading the scripture is something I have been working on. I appreciate all our knowledge and it provides a great perspective when reading the letter.


  7. The historical context here is encouraging. I feel we live in a time where Christians are dwindling in the United States. I have hope that those of us who serve the one true king can speak truth and love even when it seems impossible! Let’s get after it!


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