16 thoughts on “Philippians 1:15-19

  1. I really focused on that by really knowing God that will encourage me to act, share and respond with the right motives. Thank you Angela for really emphasizing that and made it more clear in how I respond to certain situations.

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  2. My initial take on this was that Christian followers would be discouraged by those that were preaching about Christ out of envy and for their own selfish benefit. Hypocritical motive comes to mind.

    But then I watched Angela’s video. Her explanation of how Paul felt – “But what does it matter?” I realized that someone else’s motive should not matter to me – as long as the truth is being spread about Christ.

    I agree with Craig Curless that this is so clear now – engage with God, check myself and my own motive(s) and make sure they are pure.

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  3. Thank you, thank you Angela!!! This is sooo good. I love these things of the heart you have highlighted. Bookmarked Psalm 51-another treasure. ((Hugs!))


  4. Angela,
    Thank you for that closing prayer!! I need to post that in every room of my home. During this time of lockdown I have spent more time on social media than before. I have had to walk away from social media, and the news. Everything is so negative with so many conflicting views. I found myself harboring negative feelings, doubt, and anxiety. It is so easy to hear or see what other people say and begin to judge them or to guess their motive behind what they say. I have even caught myself thinking, “how could they say or believe something like that and call themselves a christian?’ God has humbled me by reminding me that it is not my job to judge or try and figure out others motives. God has gently reminds me, over and over again, where the truth is and that His word and His truth and promises are all I need. Whatever happens in this world is not the end. He has already won and it is my job to trust Him, be an example of Him, and share His love. “God who has called (me) into fellowship with his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, is faithful. 1 Cor. 1:9

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  5. I have a nagging thought everytime I read this part.
    How can Christ be preached well if the heart/motive is stinky? Wouldn’t the messenger inadvertently paint a poor picture of Jesus bc their vision is cloudy; their attitude sour. Why would they want to beat Paul down even more? How might they hope trouble comes to Paul as a result of their spreading Jesus’ Name. I cant imagine good fruit coming from speaking of Jesus and secretly hoping another person suffers as a result. But, I am extremely impressed at Paul’s tone about it all! Amazing attitude. I have a lot to learn from his surrendered, humbled posture. He’s soo trusting in God’s ability to build His Kingdom, he trusts that God will use everything, even ill motives.
    Thank you.

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    1. Konie – I felt that same way…..especially about the people who wished harm on Paul. Paul is one of my favorite apostles in the entire Bible. I learn so much from him – he breaks things down to my level. The traits that he shows us throughout his writings are so clearly evident – Humbleness; gratitude; grace; truth; being straightforward; evangelism; forgiveness; HOPE; courage; tenacity; loyalty; love; I am sure there are more. My love and respect for Paul is never ending.

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  6. I love the part about not spending emotional energy arguing about difference as long as the gospel, in truth, is being preached. How many times do we bicker with each other about matters of the heart? I pray Psalm 51 rather frequently. Create in me a clean heart, both spiritually, emotionally and physically! When all work together cleanly and purely, our motives are sincere! Thanks Angela for this message!

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  7. Right??- Bfurrer
    His focus…he like, never wavered or veered from the path, it seems. How do you get such focus/determination and stick-to-it ness? Single minded. Driven for one purpose…not even extreme physical pains scare him off. That’s one tight relationship between and Jesus.


  8. This was one of my favorite lessons so far. Thank you.
    I agree with y’all. Paul just seemed to set out every day going about his Fathers business, and never let others distract him from that goal.
    It was as if God-through Paul-through Angela just gave me permission to stop worrying so much or feeling responsibility for other’s motives. I only need to keep in step with my own. I really needed this today.


  9. The truth is, we all have mixed motives. No human has walked this earth with completely pure motives except Jesus. Paul tells us in another place (2 Corinthians 12:7-10) that he was given a “thorn in the flesh” to keep him from becoming proud. Even Paul was not immune from a mixed bag of motives! But he allowed God to help him keep a check on his own heart.

    I love Psalm 139:23 where the David is asking God to search his heart. He says, “Point out anything in me that offends you”. (another passage that is good to pray often)
    Our motives can get off without us even knowing it, even as we are doing good things for God. What a gift to have the Holy Spirit who is faithful to point out what is in our hearts.

    I believe Paul would say to us, “Don’t worry about their motives, but continue to ask the Holy Spirit to keep yours pure!”

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  10. This was very helpful, Praise Jesus for Paul’s message to us. I have been having a hard time as my brother wanted to join in my weekly bible study. He is going through a break up. I was worried that he would enter the bible study and have intention to find another girl; to fill his lonely void. Paul is reminding me that even when I pray in selfish ambition or predict that another person is coming to a bible study in selfish ambition, not to get nit picky! Paul celebrated God being in hearts or on lips no matter what. Paul rejoices even if the motives are off. I will rejoice too!


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