5 thoughts on “Philippians 1:26-30

  1. I so love Paul’s guidance for dealing with difficulties in life. It is certainly applicable in these current times. Stand firm, side by side, in one spirit, striving together, in community.

    Ben, thanks also for your next step tips. I’ve been checking out the Take Action site and look forward to delving deeper.


  2. Thanks Ben for the reminder that striving together is one of the ways God designed for us to get through difficult times. Love the ‘take action’ site. The people of God should be moving into helping change things in our community and even more so in our hearts. We are blessed that our church thinks to remind us of resources. Looking forward to chapter two!


  3. Good lesson and reminder to strive together. So often I tend to want to go at it alone. Thanks for the movie suggestion. Will check it out!
    Ps. I really appreciate this study. I appreciate how we can stay connected and go at our own pace with it.


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