4 thoughts on “Philippians 2:17-30

  1. Thank you Ben. I love the way you pointed out the 4 examples of how we can be like Timothy & Epaphroditus in practical ways in today’s world: through prayers and empathy for others, our time pouring into others, our risk-taking actions, and (I think most importantly) our attitude. It is the perfect roadmap to being a shining star in this dark world. Once again, I’m amazed at how something written so long ago is so useful today. When I read these verses just before listening to your teaching, I wondered what could really be gleaned from it. Yet, you unpacked all of this from those few verses. That’s why I love these bible studies – thanks!!


    1. So happy you’re reading along with us, Conni! I, too, am grateful that Scripture still speaks to us today. And yes, our attitudes are so important right now! Praying that the Spirit empowers and equips everyone walking through Philippians right now to live as a shining star in this dark world.


  2. “Getting in the game” is what I also heard from this teaching. Thank you Ben for letting your heart shine in this teaching. Your prayer shows how we can do nothing on our own. We need the Holy Spirit to inform us and show us how to model the sacrifice of Jesus. It helps to be reminded that the grace is free, but very costly to God, our Savior and the Holy Spirit. May He do just what you prayed and taught in this study, to give us the desire to pray for those in our realm of influence and to sacrifice our time to encourage them in the Truth of Jesus. Oh Lord, create in me a pure heart and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Great job Ben!


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